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Friday, 2 October 2009
Small Reviews

"I like logo of Black Plague, very primitive and infant, reminds me old logo of Darkthrone when they changed name from Black Death on Darkthrone"

- R.H

 (Has Done Artwork For Darkthrone, Trist, And Happy Days And Now For Black Plague's And Hadoth's 2009 Re-Issue Of When The Earth Stands Still  )



You did well. I feel it's flesh because you play the real drums.
But I think your original songs are better than the EDM cover."


(A.K.A Lydian 6 Of Endless Dismal Moan)

Posted by blackplagueblackmetal at 6:14 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 2 October 2009 6:16 AM EDT
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Black Auryal Movement Interview
Topic: Music

Hails Nino,

This Is Sverrir From Lethe, Thanks For The ..Opportunity.. To Do This Interview.

So I Would Say Lets Go:


1. First Of All It Might Be Interesting Where BLACK PLAGUE Is Located At The Moment. Also Let Us Know About How Life Is There. What Are People Living  There Like?

A: Black Plague Is Located In Torrance ,California I Record Everything In My House. Torrance Is A Nice Looking Town, I Like The Landscape. I Like Places Like Old Torrance And The Older People Living There, They Are Very Interesting And Insightful Individuals.

People Like The Painter/Teacher Harrison Storms And Joseph Vallin Retired Animator And Set Air Brusher Of Warner Brothers Studios Who Have Help Me In My Art.

However, I Hate The So-Called “Young And Hip” People. They Are A Virus Of Stupidity And Ignorance. I HATE Everything About Them, FUCK The Malls, The “Trendy” Shops, FUCK! THEIR SHITTY SHOWS and PARTIES.  These People Are FAKE, COCKY, CONCEITED And SPOILED TRENDSETERS!

I  Appreciate The Simple Places Here: Such As The Libraries, The Art Stores, Certain Beaches, The WWII Store Here In Old Torrance And My College, The Places Where I Am Inspired And Where I Gain Knowledge The Most.

Torrance Has Many Of These Resourceful Places, Shame Many Don’t Take Advantage Of Them.

There Might Be A Day, When Black Plague Relocates, The Place In Mind Is Wilmington, California.

2. What Does BLACK PLAGUE Mean To You? Is It A Part Of Everyday Life? I Guess You Think A Lot About How It Could Get On And How You Could Beef Up The Hate Spread By BLACK PLAGUE.

A: To Me Black Plague Is Much More Than The Average Black Metal Band. Black Plague Is Me. All My Hatred And Emotions Are Captured In Each Track.  It Is An Art Form That Is True. It Is Blasphemy, Satanic, Misanthropic Raw Hate! Yet It Is Packed With Experiences Of My Everyday Life. It Is Sometimes Politically Incorrect. Black Plague Is Like Clay, And I Am God.  I Mould It Into What I Want It To Be. Living Everyday Life, Is Adding Fuel To The Fire…

3. How Would You Call The Music Played By BLACK PLAGUE? Im Sure There Are Any Emotions In, Right? Why Do You Contribute Such Emotions Into Your Music?

A: Yes: Anger, Fear, Sadness, Philosophy, and Mystery. I Treat Every Track Like A Painting. It Is Layers And Layers Of Notes And Sounds. I Do This So The Listener Never Knows What To Expect From Me. I Like To Constantly Re-Invent Myself, Yet Stay True To Black Metal.

My Hatred/Sadness Comes From Life Itself On A Deep Level. The Sick Images I See In My Mind I Translate Into A Track.

4. Lets Come To The Song STORMCROW OF SUICIDE Which Can Be Classed As Depressive Black Metal. That Is Not BLACK PLAGUES Usual Genre, So What Did This Change, Cause? Personal Reasons?

A: Many Bad Things Were Going On At That Time.

I Do Not Want To Go Into Such Detail But, Lets Put It This Way, I Know How It Feels To Have Something You Created Die. I Wanted The World And Life Itself To End.

Surprisingly, I Hate That Song. It Represents A Horrible Time In My Life. I Cannot Sit Through And Listen To The Whole Track To This Day. It’s Not A Bad Track, Its Just The Meaning Behind It.

Funny, Yet It Remains A Favourite Among Fans. I’m Fine With That.

5. As You Know There Are Thousands Black Metal Bands, So What Makes You Different From Them? So What Is The Determining Distiction? Is There One?

A: Black Plague Is Just My Vision Of Life. Even Though Its Satanic, Its Just Not Entirely Full Of: “Fuck Jesus, 666” Or Traditional DSBM Like “Kill Yourself, Clean The World”. It’s A Bit Of Everything. It Is Very Diverse And Intellectually Written, I Try To Push The Atmosphere To The Next Level, Yet Remain Black Metal.

I Don’t Try To Jump The “Who Wants To Be The Most Evil Or Who Can Sound The Most Norwegian-Like Or Who Can Sound The Most “Transylvanian Hungerish”” Bandwagon.

I Am Just Myself And I Try To Be As Original As I Can Be. That Is What Makes Me Different.

6.There Are Many Bands Which Can Be Connected To You As An Artist. In Which Did You Definitively Take Part?

A: Bands That I Like Are The Ones That Are Different To Black Metal  Or Sound Like Occult Gregorian Chants Such As Nortt, Endless Dismal Moan, Black Funeral, Veil, Xasthur, Burzum, Lurker Of Chalice, Songe D'enfer , Nåstrond, Lucifugum, Etc..

I Also Like Dark Classical Like : Philip Glass

Bands That I Have Connection With Are Few Like Narfantyr, Doedredskap, Doom Of Misanthropy Redefined ,Drakkar, And Most Importantly, Hadoth.

Hadoth And I Have Colaberated Alot And I Cannot Thank Him Enough For His Help And Dedication.

7. On June 25th 2008 The Guy Behind Endless Dismal Moon Died. What Does This Mean To You? You Are Used To Deal With Death (Your Lyrics Often Make Death A Subject Of Discussion)?

A: When Chaos9 Died I Was In Shock. He Was Different In Black Metal Let Alone In ....Japan..... He Wasn’t Anything Like Most Japanese Bands Like Sigh Or Disconformity. The Way He Manipulated Notes To Sound Like Nightmares Impressed Me. I Made Two Covers Of His Songs In Honour Of His Memory And I’m Happy Lydian6 (His Close Friend And Old Band Mate) Reviewed One Of Them (“Ruin” On The Black Plague/Hadoth Split).

Well Death Is Just Weird Like The World. Loved Ones Die First, And The Assholes Of The World Live To Be 150, Ruining The Entire World. Death Works In Odd Ways It Is Almost Like The “Unlucky Lottery”

However, Human Nature Is The One That Truly Puzzles Me, I Guess That Is What I Think About The Most.

8. On September 1st 1939 ..Germany.. Invaded ....Poland..... It Was The 70. Anniversary Of  The Invasion This Year. Are You Gerneally Interested About World War 2? What Do You Know About? How Do You Think About Third Reich And The Principles/Ideals It Had?

Even Though I Am Interested In WWII And I Knew About The Invasion In ....Poland.....  Honestly I Don’t Know Too Much About The Principles. The Books I’ve Read Here In The U.S.A Don’t Really Usually Cover Germany’s Ideals And Thoughts For Each Of Its Actions. It Mainly Focuses On The Allies And The Jewish Holocaust. Little Detail Is Revealed In Documentaries And Books.

9. What Do You Think About The 21th Century? What Would You Do If You Were President Of The United States?

A: It’s A Joke, Humanity Is Downgrading As We Speak. Humanity Is Not Ready For Modern Technology. For Every Good Use There Are 80 Million Bad Ones.

Anyways, Just Because We Don’t Know Much About Civilizations Before Us, Doesn’t Mean We Are The Most “Advanced” One. Just Look At Stonehenge, The Pyramids Of Egypt And The Mayan Temples, Each One Of These Civilizations Has Its Share Of Enigma’s That Today’s Modern Scientist, Archaeologists Or Anthropologists Do Not Understand.

If I Would Become President I Wouldn’t Even Bother Dealing With “The Beast” Known As The Banks.  Capitalism As We Know It, Will Fall Harder Than Rome!

When The World Is Run By Money And Greed, So-Called “Politically Correct” People, Who Are Just Hypocrites And Trust Is Held In The Dependency Of Computers, There Is No Way To Negotiate With That.

I’d Just Press The Infamous Self – Destructing “Red Button” And Set The World Ablaze.

Quote Me On This: “The World Is A Lie Guided By Machines With No Souls…”

10. Last Question: What Do You Think About The Depraved Youth?

A: Even Though I’m Part Of The Youth Because I Am 19 About To Be 20 The 23rd Of September.

WE ARE FUCKED! THE HUMAN RACE IS FUCKED! Every Generation Is Worse And Worse.  The Youth Becomes Less Passionate Towards Anything, Less Intelligent, Lacking Discipline, And Lazier.

It’s Sad Not Being Able To Connect With Many People Of My Age Group, I Have Lost Hope Towards The Youth, Which Is The Blueprint Of Future Humanity.

There Are A Select Few Young Men And Women, Who Continue To Strive, Read, Become Productive And Are On The Right Track In Life. And To Those Willing To Sacrifice It All To Be Successful,

I Wish You All Good Luck In Life.

Thank You For Your Time Sverrir And Everyone At Black Auryal Movement,


Thank You Very Much Nino!

(September 2nd 2009)


Auryal Movement


Posted by blackplagueblackmetal at 5:54 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 2 October 2009 5:58 AM EDT
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Friday, 17 July 2009
Hadoth's Review Of Black Plague's - Hatred That Feeds Upon The Soul
Topic: Music




Part one- Starting out with a dissonant, haunting sound similar to Endless Dismal Moan, it is without a doubt one of the most chilling plague songs written yet. this is especially true at 6:35 into the song, as the screams reflect what i would imagine as mental suffering- sounding very torrtured and in anguish. even though this track comes in at 11 min, it does not feel that way; Nino made very sure that this track sounded as hypnotic as it is dark. The promo track, im afraid, does not even compare to the long version, as with the long version, you can comprehend and capture the true essence of this song.

H.T.F.U.T.S part 2- the second part of this is very well done indeed. screams sounded just like in the EDM "ruin" cover, from the BP split. Personally, it reminded me of an endless void, decayed, and old ruins around it. Also, it had a nice nightmare touch that Nino brilliantly puts on many of his songs.

Under the sign of the occult / faded memories of a lost being- Two beautiful instrumentals. "faded memories" actually reminded me a bit of exiled from light's piano work. I can do very little to describe these songs, since the songs very much speak for themselves.

"Cold heart in a dead world"- I was a very big fan of these lyrics, because I feel that I relate to them so much...describing a solitary being, watching a world, his existence, literally disintegrating. throughout the entire song, I found myself imagining fantasy landscapes, very abundant with foggy desolation and thoughts of hopelessness. the music is very nice as well, and goes hand in hand with the lyrics; resulting in a very atmospheric track.

End- I was very proud and honored to have participated in this track. Even if I had'nt, i still would have thought that this track is perhaps one of the best recordings Nino has ever put out, simply because it stands out so much. This track is very much indescribable, and to fully understand it, I would suggest listening to it.

Void of all hopelessness- Starting out with melancholic bells and ambient noises, this track is very trance-like indeed. I thought the piano work was very impressive; even by black plague's standards, they were certainly very well written, and fit the song appropriately.

Endless Dismal Moan cover- if chaos9 were alive today, I can safely say that he would be speechless towards this cover. I can't imagine anyone else honoring endless dismal moan in the way that Nino did with this track. He has mixed together the nightmare that is EDM...with the vision that is black plague. Vocals were a definite improvement from 2008's ruin effort, as the vocals were very torrtured. Perhaps nothing else with depict thirst for pleasure more accurately than this cover.

Overall: I would say this is the best black plague album put out yet. it seems that ever since Lost touch with inner reality was put out, black plague has been improving ever since, pushing the boundaries into places no other artist or previous black plague album has gone before. 2009, im sure, promises a very good start for black plague with the release of H.T.F.U.T.S.

Posted by blackplagueblackmetal at 7:51 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 27 July 2009 9:06 PM EDT
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Cemetery Halvdan Fanzine Interview
Topic: Music
-|- Interview -|-

1..Could you tell about your band?how was it formed could you tell about the members?? 

A: Black Plague Is What It Is. A Plague A Virus Of Hatred, Pain, Sorrow And Depression. A Voice Of Dark Force, Here To Spread Hate To The World

It Was Formed In 2006 By Me Nino, Im The Only Memeber Of The Group Though Hadoth Has Done Guest Vocals On The Track "End". But I Compose All The Music: The Drums, Guitar, Keyboard And Vocals.

I Have Also Done Work For California Bands : Moonknight, Mortuary And Thulcandra

2..I wonder, do you have another jobs??? I want to know about each group (band)members??

A: I Am Planning To Be An Art Major, Study The Arts, Then Hopefully Get A Music Major. For Now School And Making Music Has Been My Job.

3..How is metal music market in your country??do the metal music and fanzine and attention to concerts??????

A: Metal (Mainstream) In The USA Is Done All Wrong. Real Black Metal And Death Metal Is Occult In To Few Who Understand It. But Mainstream Deathcore And Nu-Metal Over Rules. There Is Many Promotion For Known Artists, But The Underground Is Forgotten By Many

4..What affects you write you're preparing your albums?which emotions makes you form  this melodies. I'm sure your fans want to know about this….

A: Life Itself. Im Am No Fake, No Compromises. It All Comes From Within The Soul, Heart, And Body . Hate, Pain And Sorrow Make Up My Songs. And My Will To Leave My Mark On This Earth

5..If you have a chance to live in past. Which era would you like to live in???

A: Anywhere From The 50's To The 90's. I Hate Current Life In The 2000's. All Is Being Overwashed By Technology And That Will Be Our Downfall

6..Which band do you admire???could you tell about that ???

A: Many: Xasthur, Black Funeral ,Nortt And Endless Dismal Moan Are My Favorites. They Can Express Pain Through A Nightmarish Form. That Paints A Picture To The Human Mind. And Are Very Original And Creative. True To The Heart.

7..If you have a chance to attend a world wide concert tour.which band would you like to give concert???

A: If I Could Tour With A Band It Would Be Putrid Pile. Its Death Metal, But I Respect Him For Performing By Himself. Which Many One Man Bands Cannot

8..In the world. Albums lid is as important as the music for bands…do you create your own albums lid or somebady else does it for you????

A: I Create All The Covers. Black Plague Is My Vision Down To The Music And Lyrics

9..How many concerts.have you given to for???where would you like to give a concert most??are there any concerts thats you can not for get about??

A: When I Was In The Band Mortuary I Played Shows And All. I Really Like the LA Scene. Very Understanding Of Black And Death Metal. I Have Not Played Shows For Black Plague. I Would Like To Again (In General) , But For Now No

10..Would you like to give a concert in turkey???what do you know about turkey???

A: If I Could, I Would. Why Not? I Do Not Know Much About Turkey. But It Seems Like An Interesting Place To Be In 

11..What would you like to say to your fans??

A: Thanks For All The Support. And Many Thanks To Those Who Have My Songs And Listened To My Past Projects. Black Plague Will Never End As Long As Im Alive. And New Stuff Will Be Comming Soon. And Many Thanks To The Band Hadoth And Doedredskap For All Their Help And Support. Thank You - Nino

............................the end...........................

Posted by blackplagueblackmetal at 7:44 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 2 October 2009 5:45 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 7 July 2009
Web Site Under Construction

Web Site Under Construction

For Now I Can Be Reached Through The Official Black Plague Myspace.




Posted by blackplagueblackmetal at 10:36 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 7 July 2009 10:44 PM EDT
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